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Loveburgh 600mg CBD Oil


Loveburgh’s full spectrum cbd oils are made using a proprietary blend of hemp paste infused into a cold-pressed hemp seed oil or olive oil. Both infusions are preservative free and are totally raw, with a natural earthy and spicy taste.

All blends contain a range of natural molecules including: waxes, fatty-acids, terpenes, and an array of cannabinoids making them great choices for those seeking a powerful and natural CBD oil.

A higher strength CBD oil, great for those seeking more power in a natural full spectrum oil.

The 600mg Hemp Seed Blend is the strongest in the full spectrum range. It is a thick yet smooth infusion with a wide range of natural cannabinoids and a high ratio of CBDa to CBD it is yet another oil in the raw collection. The 600mg is great for those seeking a powerful and natural oil with a strong earthy and spicy flavour.

Each 10ml Bottle Contains:

True Entourage Oil
600mg CBD+CBDa+CBG
200 drops / 3mg per drop
Approx. 250mg CBD total
Approx. 350mg CBDa total
Trace levels CBG, CBC
Healthy Omega 3+6
Organic Hemp Seed Oil
Natural Plant Terpenes
Low THC – Under 0.2%
Clean Co2 Extracted
Zero Preservatives
Zero Chemicals