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Loveburgh 400mg Olive Blend CBD Oil


Loveburgh’s full spectrum cbd oils are made using a proprietary blend of hemp paste infused into a cold-pressed hemp seed oil or olive oil. Both infusions are preservative free and are totally raw, with a natural earthy and spicy taste.

All blends contain a range of natural molecules including: waxes, fatty-acids, terpenes, and an array of cannabinoids making them great choices for those seeking a powerful and natural CBD oil.

Also known as “Dutch Special”, the 400mg is an intermediary CBD oil.

The 400mg Hemp and Olive Blend is our classic Dutch CBD Oil. Another totally balanced infusion with a wide range of natural cannabinoids and a standard 400mg CBD content. This oil is the epitome of the classic smooth tasting Dutch CBD oil and is great for those seeking a powerful and natural oil with a smooth earthy and peppery flavour.

Each 10ml Bottle Contains:

400mg CBD+CBDa
True Entourage Oil
200 drops / 2.0mg per drop
Approx. 400mg CBD total
Approx. 80mg CBDa total
Trace levels CBG, CBC
Healthy Omega 3+6
Organic Cold Pressed Olive
Natural Plant Terpenes
Low THC – Under 0.2%
Clean Co2 Extracted
Zero Preservatives
Zero Chemicals