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Love Hemp produce some of the finest quality, high grade CBD products taken from the cannabis sativa L strain.

They also produce some of the highest strength CBD products in the UK.


Because they extract from low THC Hemp Oil they can supply all their CBD products to the UK, Europe, and all 50 U.S states as well as across many other international boundaries which allows them to spread the work about the health benefits of Cannabidiol and how Hemp Oil can change your life.

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Gone to Pot was broadcast as part of an ITV documentary into the growing popularity of cannabis oil around the country, the excerpt showed Ms St. Clement holding a syringe of Canabidol’s unmistakable, highly-refined 75% cannabis extract which she has been using since returning from The States, while discussing the disparity between the law on such products around the world. America, as many of the interviewees pointed out is way ahead of the UK when it comes to the embracing of CBD as a viable supplement.


Yet another milestone for the CBD market as millions saw EastEnders actor Pam St. Clement discuss our official Canabidol CBD products on national television.


Loveburgh is a plant based food supplement company with a mission to put a smile back on people’s faces using nothing but the wonderful gifts which Mother Nature provides.


Loveburgh is one of the fastest growing European Cannabis-brands, with products across hundreds of outlets in the UK, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark and now Poland.


Join Loveburgh on this wonderful journey of self-hempowerment and healing.